Our Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions (T&C) are instructions that govern your use of our education assignment help website. These Terms and Conditions comprise an agreement reached by any customer or their authorized representative as an approved receiver of our services and the company or its related agent functioning on behalf of the company's authorization.

When you use our services or our site, you affirm that you are older than 12 years. We don't allow individuals below this age to place an order or buy our services or product on the website. You cannot access this website if you are underage.

Meaning of Our Terms

You can better understand our terms and conditions when you know the meaning of different words used throughout the text. The varied terms are given below.

  • 'We', 'Us', or 'Our' stands for our education assignment website.
  • 'Website' means all the web pages under our education assignment service platform.
  • 'Consumer/Customer' or 'You' refers to any user submitting or executing a specific order. It also refers to a user uploading any data or transferring payment on the site.
  • 'Samples' mean the sample papers like essays, research papers, and assignments that have been created and given to customers for the purpose of their reference only.
  • 'Messaging system' refers to the software through which undisturbed communication between the writers and users take place.
  • 'Order' means a request for an academic service that a customer sends to our company. It consists of specific requirements of sources to be utilized while writing. 'Order' is also an E-Request for a service that is paid from the client for a particular writing service. It articulates the extent of work and other needs of the customer pertaining to the service. 'Order' also means a written order submitted in an electronic form on our platform by the client. It includes the complete work along with the necessary requirements.
  • 'Order Status' displays the Order progress and the existing position in its completion. Service is the outcome of an Order. It is original content created and delivered to our users according to their demands in the form of a digital document.
  • Product Revision' is the requirement articulated by the customer for amending the end version of the product according to the original needs of the order.
  • 'Quality Assurance Department' stands for the company's structural unit that evaluates and safeguards the quality of the services. The 'Quality Assurance Department' is also the entity in our education assignment service infrastructure whose aim is to take care of and assess the product and service's quality that our writers provide.
  • 'Expert' or 'Writer' means the tutor connected with our service name either as a freelancer according to the agreement that we have put forward in the written form.
  • 'Wallet' means the client's personal account within our organization that stores customer credits. Funds put to their personal account balance are voluntarily done. It is to recompense the order price. It's done at their own discretion.
  • 'Affiliate Program' means a specific program meant for the present clients of the organization. Such a program aims to reward existing customers with credits to their personal accounts in the company. It's done to attract new customers. The organization defines the rewards, and they are liable to get modified at the company's discretion.

Placement of Order and Registration

We have developed certain order placing terms. They are as follows.

  • An order gets placed when you finish filling the order form that's given in the application. We provide no service through means other than request.
  • The order form will define the service's scope, its parameters and the terms of delivery. It is our customer's responsibility to give precise and comprehensive information to every section of the order form when they are filling it.
  • Every person who wants to place an order with us will be requested to register by giving their contact data, like email address, name, country, and contact number. If you face any problems during the procedure of your account creation on our website, we suggest you to connect with our support team. Also, suppose any contact detail of yours modifies over a period of time. In that case, it's your responsibility to provide us with the new information by updating your profile. You can also communicate to our support team of any contact information changes.
  • If a customer has numerous accounts, they will be combined with the initial account they made when they first availed of our assignment service.
  • In the event that the service we provide is not as per the client's requirements due to their inability to give us accurate material, they will not be entitled to a refund. Any changes to this report should be made through additional expenses to the customer. For these circumstances, the organization has the option to refrain from making any changes.
  • Customers must monitor the progress of their orders by themselves. It's your responsibility to enquire about updates from our writers. If you have any queries regarding further progress, you can navigate to our 'Contact Page.'
  • We want to remind everyone that in spite of giving our best assignment writing service, we don't guarantee you an A+ result or maximum marks. If the customer happens to fail, we are not to be held liable for it. Our support is a subjective matter, but we do ensure that we provide you with the best writer for your academic work.
  • The company has the right to cancel either a part or the entire service agreement in the event of any dispute with our customers. Cancellation is also possible if the assignment writer cannot get the data that the customer provides.

Payment of Order and Discount

  • On order placement, you agree to purchase our services. Our company will begin processing your order only after you make the payment.
  • The service payment is calculated as per our pricing and is paid beforehand as given in the Order form after recognizing the scope of the work.
  • Orders can be paid through debit cards, credit cards, or other means the company has made available.
  • The company has full right to provide discount programs to clients. Customers can use the codes for it when they fill the Order form.
  • The company is committed to providing equitable access to discounts and bonus program data for every client in the company without any exceptions.
  • After your assessment, the company can request extra payment or time to complete your order as the effect of the work done to complete your order can be defined after a review is conducted. The client can decide if they agree to the new order framework and Order Total or deny to cooperate with the organization. If the client does not wish to work further, the company will refund.

The Process of Order

You aren't entitled to a refund in certain situations. These situations are mentioned below.

  • Validation of the order – The organization has the full right to reassess the order details following the end payment. It is to confirm if the assignment specifications were fulfilled successfully as per the customer. In case of a mismatch, the Support has the right to change the order, so it adheres to the customer's requirements.
  • The volume of the order – Every order that the customer places have a needed volume, measured by the word count. The document that the customer receives should match the required word count. In case of a mismatch, the client can request to reformat the document to match the word count.
  • Modifications in the details of the order – Both the Support and the client can give changes to the work's scope only in the instance when the writer hasn't begun the work. Once they begin researching and writing your academic work, no further modifications can be made. Suppose the details of the order increase, the order becomes more complicated, or the specified deadline shortens. In that case, the client will be requested to give extra compensation.
  • Resources – If the client needs a particular resource material to get utilized to create their academic work, they should clearly communicate and specify those resources to our writer. Suppose the client fails to provide these resources to the writer or the writer finds them themselves or pays for them. In that case, extra expenses shall be incurred by the customer.

Terms for Order Delivery

  • We ensure that the academic work will be delivered within the specified time frame. In case we cannot deliver it, we will notify you of a modified expected delivery date through email or call.
  • All the academic work will be in electronic format in soft copies. We caution you of the presence of technical inaccuracies or typographical errors in the text.
  • You should acknowledge that the internet is an open space, so any message that transfers to you is subject to delivery threats.

Revision of the Order

  • We provide free amendments to the customer to safeguard the quality of the product. For a free revision, the client needs to submit a request for revision in a written form after the order delivery date.
  • The quality assurance department has the full right to deny a revision request if its instructions breach the original order instructions.
  • If your request fulfils the defined specifications given in these terms and conditions, the company will revise the service free of cost.

Usage of Our Products

  • When you make an order payment, you agree that you have done it for personal use only. The payment you have made showcases the effort to create well-researched academic work.
  • You are not permitted to modify, reproduce, display, or distribute the service in any manner on the internet.
  • Writers working in our organization give ownership of every product they have delivered to the company. So, we have entire copyright privileges for all products that we provide.
  • Every product that we give is only for learning purposes or as an example of reference and research.

Disclaimer for Links Used on Our Website

You may find our website having links to other websites. However, we don't guarantee that their content confirms the Terms and Conditions of our website. Our company is not responsible for any content coming from the links present on our website.

Security and Privacy

As a client, you should refer to our Privacy Policy page to know about our practices and policies on collecting and using your information. We have the right to contact you through emails about discounts, offers, and new services. But you should note that our customer privacy is our priority. We'll never disclose your personal information to any third party. We also process all transactions through a robust online payment system. We should not be held responsible if your credit card data gets divulged without our consent.

Limitations in Liability Clause

By agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions stated above, you acknowledge that you will not hold the organization, employees, or other third-party providers for any damage, losses, actions, or claims of any type that are associated with our company. The products include but aren't limited to the following:

1. hardware or software, telephone, internet, electronic, or failures of any type.

2. Any condition that happens due to circumstances that are outside the organization's control and cause our service to get disrupted or delayed.

3. Delayed, failed, or unclear electronic communications.

4. Any damage or injury that may occur as an outcome of utilizing our services.

Terms of Termination

  • When you purchase any assignment service package of our company, you become a valued customer of ours. Your package will work for a time period till we submit its copy to your mail address or till we do not cancel it if we find it violating the terms and conditions.
  • We have the complete right to end or terminate the package if the user violates our Terms of Use.
  • The termination of the package provided by the company must be in compliance with this document's terms of use.
  • We can post the termination notice or cancel the account of the users on our platform. We can also inform the user about it through their email ID kept on our database.

Governing Law

The terms of use explained and any non-contractual obligations accruing from or related to them will be governed and construed per government laws. In case of any controversy coming out or in relation to these terms of use, the government courts will ultimately settle the termination or breach thereof.

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