Refund Policy of Our Assignment Services

Through our privacy policy, we acknowledge that our customer’s privacy is immensely important. Therefore, we strive to protect it on our platform at all times. You can find how we collect, use, store and share the data when you use our platform on our policies and procedures page.

develop a privacy policy that safeguards your every information and detail. But, we still strongly recommend you go through the privacy policy before you place your order with us.

We keep all the personal details of our customers, like their contact number, name, and email ID within the company. Your details will never be shared with any third party. Likewise, we also don’t share the information concerning our tutors with any third party.

What Does Our Fair Use Policy Mean?

Under our fair use policy, every material and resource that we provide to you should be utilized with proper references. Their only purpose is to support the students in researching their own academic works. Our service is entirely legal. It isn’t forbidden by any educational institution till you use our products as per the fair use policy.

Safe and Secure Payment Procedure

You can be assured that all your money transactions are safe in all circumstances. We have a robust cryptic technology-based payment platform, which makes it impossible for the information to get transmitted to someone else. We never have and will never illegally use the credit card and information data present in our portal till the customer window also opens on their system. Right at the second you affirm your transaction or close that window, all the temporary information kept in the system related to the transaction also gets deleted. As a result, there is no likelihood of transactional information leakage through our powerful servers.

We also possess the right to disclose your private information if the law demands it. However, the information will get disclosed only in those circumstances when it is critical for us to secure our rights or conform to any judicial procedures or court orders.

No/ Partial Refund

You can cancel your order with our education assignment help service within an hour of making a payment. For it, you have to give us a cancellation request in our mail. You need to mention your order ID in the subject of the email.

Keep in mind that it's not possible to cancel the order after an hour following the order confirmation. It's because our experts begin working on every order right from the moment they are assigned them. It enables them to impart the best service to our clients.

We promptly assign a team of experts to start working on your order in an hour. So, in later cases, the refund amount can differ between half of the refund amount to no refund.

How Do We Use Your Information?

We will never sell our customer's data to any third-party client or organization. Only we use the data that we collect. It’s used for communicating with you and also for our internal reporting. So, you can be assured that the information we collect is fully secure. This information helps us in:

  • Communicating to the customer about any modifications to the websites and iterations.
  • Propriety information regarding the services we offer and data is only shared with our tutor networks. It doesn’t reveal any of your personal credentials.
  • Any complaints and whether we can redress them.
  • To connect with you.
  • To develop the content according to your local preference.
  • To execute transactions
  • To communicate to you about any discounts or new services.

Log Files on the Site

Log files are kept as a record of all those pages that the user visits, their activity, and their time on a specific page. They are also maintained as entry and exit pages and the stream of clicks that the user generates. All this data is gathered and collectively stored.


Any communication between the customer and our expert, including emails, text chats, Skype calls, and video chat, get disclosed only under services and terms and conditions.

We can update the privacy policy listed above. You can see the changes once they get uploaded to our site. We highly advise that you keep reviewing our privacy policy for knowing about any modifications implemented by us.

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