Honor Code

Our assignment help service does more than just help you get good marks or pass a semester. We aim to help you expand your education by connecting you with various new concepts, ideas, topics, and scholars. We work with the mission to impart top-notch academic resources to enable students to learn and study more efficiently. We are also fully committed to ensuring the correct usage of our product as well as securing their ownership.

We want all our customers to comply with academic integrity. We are against all kinds of academic dishonesty, nor do we promote it. It includes allowing students to copy another person’s content, cheat, or engage in similar illegal acts to score a specific grade.

Our Honor Code

We do not promote cheating, imitation, and duplicity of our academic resources. We strongly refrain you from doing the following.

  • Copy the solutions of our experts from our website’s resources and submit them in your own name.
  • Upload another individual’s study material to our site and regard them as prepared by you.
  • Use the materials or the aid of our writers for your assignment when you are explicitly instructed not to take external assistance.
  • Use our website in a manner that breaches your institution or your professor’s academic honor codes.
  • Using plagiarised work without acknowledging it properly.

Our writers don’t work on any academic task that you have to submit to your institution for your academic evaluation. We don’t harbor any intention to deliberately support and aid students to copy, cheat, or involve themselves in an action that disobeys their university guidelines. If we find any proof of your association with any of the above-mentioned acts, we will not wait for even a moment to end our services provided to you.

100% Refund

We provide a 100% refund in case we are unable to provide you with the service as per your expectations. We also provide a full refund if the user makes any duplicate payment. We entertain refund requests when the client raises a formal request via the client's portal login. We don't consider any communication regarding a refund on email, social media platforms, or any other channel.

Apart from that, we advise you to go through the policies that are stated clearly on our website. It will provide you with greater clarity on our refund services.

What Type of Data Do We Collect From You?

Our service never gathers any confidential information from our users without their permission. But we might put some pixels of cookies on your system in such cases. Cookies keep specific data while you are browsing our site. You can conveniently disable the cookie settings from your browser if you want.

What We Recommend to Students and Businesses

We are familiar with the pressure our users have to face regarding the complexity of academic tasks and short deadlines. We recommend the following to students and businesses.


  • We never allow students to utilize our service platform for engaging in illegal acts that cause them to violate their educational institution’s policies.
  • We never encourage students to use our academic materials as something that they have created on their own.


  • We are against all those businesses who attempt to use our service to conduct any illegitimate activity.
  • The members of our organization are not allowed to permit business representatives to use our academic tutors for promoting any lawless action.

Whom Do We Share Your Data With?

We partner with third parties to impart our users a high-quality service. So, we may share your information with third-party services, vendors, and providers for the purpose of processing your request. Apart from that, we will only share your data with the government or law regulation companies.

Our Guidelines for Freelancers

We provide freelancers with a platform where they can demonstrate their expertise for students’ benefit. We want all our freelancers to respect our brand’s value by considering the following guidelines.


  • Freelancers are not permitted to be involved in any event that breaches corporate and academic policies.
  • Freelancers should not contribute to the situations mentioned above.

Contact Data Sharing

All users of our website are prohibited from encouraging others using it to disclose their personal data. The users should use our platform only to communicate about the progress of academic tasks, payment, and assignment details with others.

If you happen to encounter any type of violation of our honor code, we advise you to immediately connect with us through our mail.

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