Refund Policy of Our Assignment Services

We offer the best assignment help service to all our clients. Our team ensures that you get nothing but the finest quality academic work delivered. We also adhere to the best practices so that you forge forward in your learning journey. Our team is a firm believer in transparency, truthfulness and honesty. Therefore, we have developed a completely transparent refund policy.

Our writers strive to provide you with the best assignment help as well as online tutoring in every domain. We have clients from varied industries and fields, and we pride ourselves on imparting them nothing but the best results.

If you are unsatisfied with our service and work quality and feel that you haven't made an appropriate investment, you can easily claim a refund. The refunds are decided by a team in our service, which assesses the claim before making a refund.

What Does Our Fair Use Policy Mean?

Under our fair use policy, every material and resource that we provide to you should be utilized with proper references. Their only purpose is to support the students in researching their own academic works. Our service is entirely legal. It isn’t forbidden by any educational institution till you use our products as per the fair use policy.

100% Refund

We provide a 100% refund in case we are unable to provide you with the service as per your expectations. We also provide a full refund if the user makes any duplicate payment. We entertain refund requests when the client raises a formal request via the client's portal login. We don't consider any communication regarding a refund on email, social media platforms, or any other channel.

Apart from that, we advise you to go through the policies that are stated clearly on our website. It will provide you with greater clarity on our refund services.

No/ Partial Refund

You can cancel your order with our education assignment help service within an hour of making a payment. For it, you have to give us a cancellation request in our mail. You need to mention your order ID in the subject of the email.

Keep in mind that it's not possible to cancel the order after an hour following the order confirmation. It's because our experts begin working on every order right from the moment they are assigned them. It enables them to impart the best service to our clients.

We promptly assign a team of experts to start working on your order in an hour. So, in later cases, the refund amount can differ between half of the refund amount to no refund.

When Is No Refund Applicable?

You aren't entitled to a refund in certain situations. These situations are mentioned below.

  • There will be no refund for all assignment orders whose partial payments are pending.
  • Refund will not be there where the order deadline at the order confirmation time is under or equal to three days (72 hours). It implies the case when the client pays against the invoice.
  • If you ask for some changes you have not mentioned in your original requirement at the order confirmation time, there will also be no refund.
  • Refund requests are also not entertained in the cases when the client follows some modifications in the rework cases. It displays that you have agreed with the solution delivered to you.
  • Clients are not entitled to any refund beyond one month or 30 days of work delivery. Such requests for refund are not applicable.
  • Refunds are also not processed on any service brought from the section of the Q&A library directory.

Unmet Deadline

At times, it's not possible for us to deliver your order in the stipulated timeframe. However, we do our best to provide every order at the right time. But in case we have not been able to give you your order on time, we will provide you with discounts on the following service. We can also provide you with value additions to your existing order.

Keep in mind that to start working on your order, we require some data set, log in details, and other such material. If you don't provide us with this material on time, it will negatively impact our work delivery. If this is the situation, then there will not be any refund from our side.

Work Delivery Is Not as Described

Clients will have to provide us with detailed reasons for the problems in their work quality and service if they think that it's not on par with what was described to them. It makes it easy for the expert to eliminate the issues.

If you're still not satisfied with the work, then only after a thorough investigation by the quality assurance team will your refund claim get approved. Note that we always work for the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we do our utmost to treat all our clients fairly and equally.

No Guarantee of an Academic Grade

We don't give you any guarantee of a better academic score, grade, or rank. They are contextual by their very nature. You can achieve them by continuously putting in your best efforts for a prolonged time.

The notes and study material we give are sample drafts only and are not for submission. You cannot submit them as your work. They are only there for aiding your learning.

Processing of the Refund

After we have agreed to refund you if you fall in the above-mentioned cases, it can take around 1 to 7 business days to complete the refund. Remember that we are not to be held responsible for any transfer problems or probable delays that can happen due to bank service problems. Our terms and conditions can change according to the management's guidelines. So, ensure to look at our website for timely updates.

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